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About Ballykilcavan Farm and Brewery

>Ballykilcavan Brewery is based at Ballykilcavan Farm, Stradbally, Co. Laois. It's been the home of the Walsh family for 13 generations since 1639.
They've won a Boortmalt Barley Grower award, and won the first ever Best Barley Cup for Waterford Distillery growers. With the opening of a brewery at Ballykilcavan, they can now combine spring water sourced from the farm with their award-winning barley to produce outstanding craft beer.
Find out more about this amazing Irish brewery by clicking the Untappd logo below.

About this Tee

Made from 100% GOTS certified sustainable organic cotton, this is a highly engineered garment that meets the highest ethical standards. When all environmental externalities are included, and with no shortcuts taken at the expense of people or our planet, it is worth every cent of the price charged. To read more about that, and to find out how we make it climate neutral, please visit our Planet Friendly page.
If you're just here for the beer love, know that this comfortable stylish tee will last for years, during which time it'll serve as an ice breaker on several occasions, and introduce you to all kinds of strange and wonderful people!
If you're in between sizes, or unsure, our advice would be to choose the larger size for this garment. As it will be custom printed for you, we can't take back returns at this time, unless the item has a defect of course. If you're looking for a base colour that's not offered on this page, or if you'd like the artwork printed in a different way than displayed, get in touch and we'll do our best for you.

About this Project

This is a labour of love for Irish craft brewing, and also an experiment in pushing boundaries at the frontier of sustainable fashion. Whether we're talking about pints or pull-overs, we believe in quality over quantity as a path to a better future. Our motto is 'Smaller is Better', and we operate with an underdog mentality, always backing the little guy. We are not Amazon or Asos, and never want to be. You won't get their speedy turnaround times or customer service from us, but what we can promise is that every single order is made with pure love and that we will move mountains to give you the best that we can every time. Forget fast fashion, this is #SlowFashion, and we believe it's a mindset fit for the 21st century. If you agree, say a little 'hell yeah' in your head before reading on!
Any profit is split with the brewery to help them survive and thrive, but the support of fans who would wear their brand, is absolutely priceless. #ShopLocal & #DrinkIrish