Planet Friendly

The World is waking up

ūüćļ ¬† This little Tee shop¬†was born out of love for¬†the ancient art¬†of brewing.¬†We, a few friends¬†and big craft beer fans,¬†built it to support our¬†local Irish brewers. Our goal is simple - to help spread the word about their extraordinary beer, by printing¬†their awesome label artwork onto high quality clothes.

ūüćĽ ¬† But of course, nothing's proving to be simple in the raging 20's.¬†Covid¬†has reminded us¬†why we need¬†to shop local to build resilient¬†communities, but also that we¬†share our¬†planet¬†and¬†the global challenges that go with it. No threat it seems, looms larger on the horizon than that of climate change and environmental collapse. So as Irish¬†people of half-reasonable rearing, we couldn't in good conscience create a craft beer¬†clothing company¬†which could in turn¬†harm the¬†earth which provides us such diverse and wonderful craft beer! That would be counter productive indeed. So for very¬†selfish reasons, our clothes are made from organic and recycled materials only. Planet Friendly as standard practice.


Why we exist

ūüŹÜ ¬† Many of the solutions to¬†climate change and biodiversity loss can be distilled into the phrase BUY LOCAL. Sustainable circular economies reduce our footprint on the planet,¬†and¬†Irish Craft Breweries provide a thriving example, producing world class goods¬†with mostly local ingredients and knowledge. We¬†think they¬†are a¬†blueprint for a better world, and helping them succeed against established industry giants is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

‚ėÄÔłŹ ¬† Fast Fashion contributes¬†more to climate change than global aviation and shipping combined. These¬†cheap 'on-trend' clothes¬†cut corners at the expense of¬†the planet,¬†smother our local¬†industries, and only 1% actually gets recycled. Can you believe¬†a garbage¬†truck of clothes gets burned every second on planet earth? Something needs to be done! So we pledge to only sell high quality clothes LOVED FOR LIFE, not just a few wears, and help foster the principles of Care, Rewear, Repair,¬†with¬†sustainable end of life practices.¬†

ūü§Ě ¬† We're poisoning our oceans and pumping carbon from squished dinosaurs into the atmosphere, but unfortunately, that's not the only consideration. Each of our tees is ETHICALLY PRODUCED from sustainably farmed materials, where fair wages are paid, no animal is harmed, and¬†local¬†communities are respected.


Our Process

1 )   We significantly reduce our environmental impact by not carrying blank stock or pre-printing logos. Clothes are ordered and printed after you place your order which means no excess waste. It's slow relative to the high street, but good things come to those who wait.

2 )  We place one weekly order for blank stock with Stanley Stella based in Belgium, a world leader in sustainable ethical clothing. 

3 )  Stanley Stella's clothes are made from sustainable organic Indian cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and renewable wood. They've reached the highest levels of certification in organic textiles, fair trade leadership, and sustainable vegan friendly practices. We're proud to help them create a better world.

4 )   Artwork is everything. For people to value clothes enough to care, rewear, and repair them long term, it helps to have artwork they love and love wearing. That's why we believe Craft Beer Tees works, because the fans who buy our high quality clothes to support their favourite local breweries will love them forever and a day. Partly because the artworks are incredible!!, but mostly because it connects them to their community, to their people.

5 )   We receive our blank stock within a few days, and get ready to print. This is where it gets exciting. We use a state of the art digital printer which prints directly onto your clothes, with no waste generated from a transfer or screen, and using about 75% less water. This technology is still in it's infancy, and while the print quality is now on par with traditional print techniques, the printing takes much too long to be commercially viable for mainstream printers. However, we're proud to help pioneer this technology on environmental grounds.  

6 )   We only use high-quality non-toxic ink that will last hundreds of washes, and certified with an OEKO-TEX Eco Passport.

7 )   Packaging is more straight forward. We currently use Enviroflute, a fully paper padded mailer, which is both recyclable and home compostable if you tear it into smaller pieces. Available from all good Irish stationery suppliers.

8 )   We ship with An Post, Ireland's national postal service, who have a commitment to electrifying their fleet, and toward sustainable practices.

9 )  Total time from order to delivery (in Ireland) - Two weeks approx. Not the fastest but we can all sleep better at night. One day soon, we hope a sustainable clothing manufacturer like Stanley Stella will emerge in Ireland, and that will speed up the process. If they don't, we might have to do it ourselves...

10 )   One last thing, and maybe the most important of all. Unfortunately, almost every aspect of living in the modern world has carbon associated with it. It's unescapable. This is sadly true of the clothes we sell to you all the way from the processes that are used to refine the raw materials, to the delivery of your new favourite hoodie at your doorstep. So every item sold in our shop includes a E1 donation to the awesome Gaelic Woodland Project. This helps to offset the carbon associated with your order, and a little extra in there too, because the world needs more trees urgently, and so planting them just to cover our carbon butts on this transaction won't cut it in the long run.


Help us to Help you

ūüĆć ¬† So that's it in a proverbial nutshell. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't be shy. All opinions are greatly appreciated. We live in a fast moving world, and your feedback helps us adapt and improve! We would of course be grateful if you could share our little¬†project with friends.